Online Blackjack For Real Money

Online Blackjack for Real Money is played all over the world and is the world’s most favorite game. Where the game originated is unknown, but legend has it that it originated in France in the 17th century or earlier. At that time, it was known as vingt-et-un, which is French for twenty-one. Around the same time the game showed up in Spain, called ventiuns, in Spanish it means twenty-one.

So, twenty-one has grown in popularity over the centuries. Also, the rules have changed as it matured. But the original idea of the game has stayed the same.

The game was brought to North America by the French Colonists, and spread thru the new world. The game at that time was not known as Blackjack.

When Nevada legalized gambling in the 1930’s and the casinos where looking to promote the game, It became known as “Blackjack”. Blackjack then required a player to get an ace of spades together with a black jack. Since hitting that combination of cards was not to great of odds the casinos offered a 10-1 payout for its players.

Long gone are the 10-1 payouts for “blackjack”, but the combination of cards has changed to any two cards equaling twenty-one is a blackjack. Although most people simply call it blackjack, some call it twenty-one.

Blackjack itself is gambling, but the casino has the edge rather than the player. It’s a matter of luck combined with a strategy and basic skills that can reduce the casinos odds to near zero. If the player can count cards the odds sway to the player’s favor. This card counting skill is considered by the casinos as cheating and is frowned on.

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How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple game to learn or master which adds to its appeal. Playing this game is simple, come as close to 21 as possible without going over 21. If the player goes over 21 it’s an immediate loss.

Players are playing against the dealer and not against the other players. The players have two ways to win, either get a hand better or equal to the dealer or the dealer goes over 21 (bust).

Cards are worth their face value (2 – 10), jack, queen and kind are worth 10 points, ace is either 1 or 11 at the players call. Using the ace as 11 points is said to be soft. A soft 17 is a combination of an ace and a 6. If the player takes another card and it’s a 9 the total equals 16 or 26, then the ace would be viewed as 1 point to keep the hand in play.

Each player is dealt 2 cards down while the dealer is dealt one card down and one card up. The player is given the chance to take another card, face up or standing on the deal. When all the players have had a chance to take a card or cards, the dealer turns the hidden card over, If the combination is less than 17 the dealer must hit. Some casinos have a rule that a deal must hit a soft 17 (ace and 6), if this is the case it will say on the table that “dealer must hit soft 17”.

Because the players play first they have the chance to bust first, this is why the house has an edge. When a player busts the hand is over, even if the dealer busts also. If all the player bust, the dealer doesn’t have to do anything.

The house edge comes into play when the player busts and the dealer busts or if he/she had to play the hand. To counter the house edge the player can use blackjack strategy because the dealer must hit anything less than 17 or a soft 17.

Player can use strategies like doubling down or splitting the hand. Doubling down is when the players first two cards are 9, 10, or 11, the ante is doubled and the player gets one more card to beat the dealer. Splitting cards is when the player gets a pair on the initial deal. The player splits the cards and now the is playing two separate hands, each at the same wager the player bet for the original hand. When the player splits the cards they play each hand to get closest to 21, just like your original hand. If the player gets a pair of aces and split them, The player only gets one card on each ace.

Also, at some casinos, players have the option to surrender half their bet if the hand is bad. Early surrender is if the dealer checked his hand for a blackjack or if the second card is dealt. Some casinos have variations that the dealer only gets one card. Late surrender is when the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack and you have a weak hand.

When the dealer is showing an ace on the first card, the player can make an insurance bet against the dealer if he has a blackjack. This insurance bet pays 2 to 1, but it isn’t a good odds bet.

Blackjack strategy is not very difficult and can be learned by anyone easily.  One of the best things to use is a blackjack chart that tells the player when to hit based on the dealers up card.