Hi-Low Card Counting System


As far as Hi-Low card counting system or blackjack card counting is concerned, you don’t need to have a good memory, but you do the ability to perform addition and subtraction very quickly. In Hi Lo card counting, you assign positive (+1) to cards from 2 to 6, negative (-1) to the cards 10 to Ace, and neutral (0) values to cards from 7 to 9.

If you use the blackjack cheat sheet or blackjack strategy card along with this method of Hi-Low card counting system, you will have an edge over the casino.

Let’s look at the following example: Start the count with 0. Each time a positive card (2 to 6) is dealt, +1 to the count. If you get a card from 7 to 9, which is a neutral (0) card leave the count alone. If your next card is a 10 to Ace, subtract (-1) from the count. If the count is +2 or more you should place a larger bet because the chance of being dealt a 20 or blackjack (21) are relatively good. On the other hand, if your count is a negative number you should wager less.

The following video by Blackjack apprenticeship explains in depth the art of Hi Low card counting. They even have a mini-course you can enroll in.



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