Blackjack money management

Blackjack money management is very important when playing blackjack for real money. Since blackjack is a simple game, player think that money management need not be considered. Like, with everything else, blackjack takes practice and planning to be successful. A good Blackjack player has a strategy, a lot of discipline, a little luck, and a very solid bankroll.

Bankroll management is the most overlooked part of a your blackjack strategy and yet it is one of the most important parts of any gambling strategy. Players believe that a good card counting strategy or a basic blackjack strategy and a bit of luck is all they need to win. This is a wild fantasy that a lot of players believe. If a you don’t manage your bankroll you may win a little, but when they lose, you will probably lose it all.

The theory of blackjack money management is easy to understand, but put it into practice is a different story. Actually, it can be reduced if not corrected by three little tips or steps. If you apply them to your blackjack game or to your life in general, you will make life more enjoyable and your blackjack game more fun weather you play at a land-based casino or an online casino. It will keep the worry out of the game if you hit a cold streak.

Play Only With Money You Can Afford To Lose

First and foremost, decide how much money you can afford to lose at the tables. Make sure this amount is correct! A lot of people think they can lose the amount decided on, but sometimes it is not the case. Some people play until they gamble their next month’s rent in the belief that the table will turn in their favor. This is the wrong mind set to have. You should only be playing with money that you can totally afford to lose and won’t need the money for future obligations. Plan never to lose the whole bankroll, however losing everything is possible and you should plan for it. It can happen unbelievably fast.

Play Within Your Limits

The second step, is to divide your blackjack bankroll according to the limits you set on each hand. Example: If you are playing $10 a hand, how much should you bring to the table? The safe answer is 50X the max bet you will make, which is $10 in this example. So, to feel comfortable you should bring $500 to start playing. At this point you should have more money in your pocket incase the game goes south.

Obviously, the bigger your bankroll, the less risk of losing everything. There is no bankroll ever to big when you play blackjack. But there is a possibly to sit down at a blackjack game with to small a bankroll, this will increase your probability to go broke. Also, your blackjack bankroll shouldn’t be used for anything other than betting the game.

Get Up and Leave the Table if it’s Not Your Day

The third and final tip is leaving the table when you are having a bad day, there is always tomorrow. Many blackjack players will stay and continually get losing hands. You can’t make your bankroll back when your luck is running against you. If you stay the chance of losing increases. You get frustrated and make poor decisions and lose more of your bankroll. This usually leads to desperate plays, increasing your bets and totally losing control. It’s hard to get up and leave the table and casino but it will save your bankroll in the long run. The blackjack table will always be there when you return.

If you follow these three tips you will be able to manage your blackjack bankroll effectively and leave the game a winner.

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